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SALE: 40% OFF Nutrisystem
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Is Nutrisystem REALLY as Good as Advertised?

Nutrisystem is a company that’s been in the nutrition space for decades and has years of experience behind them.

We think experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to weight loss and nutrition because it takes time to come up with the perfect, nutritionally balanced formula for weight loss. Especially when that formula involves creating healthier versions of the foods you already eat and love.

Their food tastes great and you lose weight. What could be better?

Speaking of weight loss: Nutrisystem was so confident that their diet plans work that they sponsored a study that was conducted by an independent contract research organization called ‘The Center for Applied Health Sciences’ located in Stow, Ohio.

The study found that people on a Nutrisystem plan lost UP TO 13 lbs and 7 INCHES OVERALL in their FIRST month.

In fact, in the study, the avg. weight loss was 11.6 lbs and 8 inches – great results if you ask us.

Nutrisystem is like having your very own personal nutritionist & chef, only better, because unlike a chef or a nutritionist, it doesn’t take days off and works for your benefit 24/7!

What Kinds of Foods Can I Eat on Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem has a variety of different foods you can choose from. In fact, if you’re on their ‘Uniquely Yours’ or ‘Uniquely Yours Plus’ plans, you can pick from over 160+ menu items on their menu to make your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack as tasty, and as nutritious as possible.

And as we already mentioned, no food is off limits and Nutrisystem has all kinds of food you can enjoy. If you really like pizza, burgers, or something sweeter like a muffin – you can have that with Nutrisystem.

The food is conveniently packed and sealed, waiting for you to enjoy it. In our tests, each meal tasted the same, if not better than meals from top Nutrisystem competitors.

Can You Choose Your Meals?

Yes, you can. In fact, Ala Carte is one of Nutrisystem’s most popular ways to order.

You can choose your meals weeks in advance and enjoy your favorite foods.

They also offer an option to read reviews from other Nutrisystem users about the items on their menu. You can just select the most popular foods based on others’ reviews and enjoy your food that way.

It really can’t get any better, or simpler than that.

Here Are Some of Our Favorite Foods on the Nutrisystem Menu:

Thick Crust Pizza
Chicken Alfredo
Double Chocolate Caramel Bar
Blueberry Muffin
Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Does Nutrisystem Have Plans for Vegetarians and Diabetics?

Yes. Nutrisystem offers plans for people who are on a vegetarian diet, or who have diabetes.

Some Things We Didn’t Like About Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem does not have a meal plan specifically for Vegans.
Nutrisystem does not have a gluten-free option, or plans around Keto or Paleo diets.

What Do Nutrisystem Customers Say?

Here are some of the Nutrisystem reviews from VERIFIED reviewers:

Jennifer of
Charlotte, NC
''I have been using Nutrisystem for almost a year and I am very pleased with the food and the results. My food always arrives fast and tastes amazing. I highly recommend the Uniquely Yours plan as it offers the best variety. Other diet plans I have tried in the past did not work with my busy lifestyle but Nutrisystem is flexible and offers me the convenience I need.''
Robert of
Highland Lakes, NJ
''I've been on Nutrisystem for men over a month and thought I understood how I should be preparing and eating my meals. I started to get hungry more often and felt that I wasn't getting enough to eat and that I was starting to get tired. After my counseling session I understand what I've been doing wrong and I am very excited about the diet again thanks to a great counselor.''
Suzanne of
Clearwater Beach, FL
''I started the Nutrisystem diet 10 days ago and am completely satisfied with it. When I saw the pictures of the delicious meals on t.v. I couldn't believe it could be that good, but it is. Very delicious prepared portions for each meal and snack. There are unending varieties of foods and all very delicious, healthy and filling. I lost 7 pounds already and don't have any problems sticking to the diet. Because of the diet, I've learned that it's important to eat sensibly all the time. 6 portions every day makes it possible. The frozen meals came with FedEx with dry ice to keep it frozen and the other package came a day earlier. I got updates all the time to be sure not to miss the deliveries. I recommend this diet to anyone, who wants to lose weight sensibly.''
Teresa of
Saint Paul, MN
''Just want to say thanks. I've sent several emails to counseling support in the few days that I've been on the plan and they are so helpful and encouraging. They gave me a good outline of how to incorporate a food, wild rice, and how to use as a Flex Meal. I like the emails as this way I can save for reference. Thanks Nutrisystem!''

Still Not Sold on Nutrisystem? Here Are a Few More Reasons Why Its Worth a Try

Nutrisystem is very convenient – you just order and eat.
It offers a set meal plan and you don’t need to calculate portions, carbs, calories, etc.
Wide variety of foods you can choose from
Meals provide just the perfect amount of nutrition based on the plan you choose
They don’t have off limits food: You can eat your favorite cookies, muffins & brownies they made healthier – and still lose weight.
Ability to customize your meals each week so that you don’t end up eating the same things every day
The fact that its affordable and significantly cheaper than popular alternatives.
Nutrisystem Was Awarded America's Best Customer Service 2019 by Newsweek

The Final Word

If you’re interested in losing weight but don’t have time to prepare food, or constantly watch what you eat, and how many calories it has, look no further than Nutrisystem.

With access to counselors, diabetes educators, and a nutrition & dietary team, as well as a plethora of different menu items for everyone (including vegetarians and customers with diabetes), you really can’t go wrong with Nutrisystem.

They offer a 14-day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all of their plans, so you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain (except the weight).

No matter what anyone says, or the wild claims the competition may make, in our book it’s hard to beat a company that’s been in the weight loss industry for 45+ years and has decades of experience behind it!

When it comes to our health and weight loss we want a company we can trust and rely on, and Nutrisystem is that company.


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