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From Keto to Atkins and even the trendy new Pioppi diet – there are thousands of low-carb diets to choose from. But with the SouthBeach Diet stealing the spotlight, it’s good to know why you should consider it on your path to weight-loss.

Firstly, the key to losing weight isn’t cutting all carbohydrates and fats from your diet says cardiologist Arthur Agatston, M.D., author of The South Beach Diet. It’s learning to choose to eat good carbs and good fats which actually help your health.

Miami-based Agaston created The South Beach Diet with a three-step program in mind to help his heart patients lose weight and lower cholesterol. Instead of battling cravings, he promotes foods loaded with fiber and nutrients so you don’t fight hunger pangs but instead jump-start your weight loss and don’t put the pounds back on again.

You should expect to lose between 8-13 pounds in the first 2 weeks, according to Agaston.


Does SouthBeach Diet Work?

Yes, it’s a healthy approach designed by a medical doctor to help you shed pounds. You should know there are three phases with the first being the strictest: no bread, potatoes, rice, pasta or fruit.

In the second phase you will slowly add in some of these foods. Then, finally, in phase three, once you hit your target weight you will maintain your weight for life.

What Can I Eat? What Can I Not Eat?

In phase one (the strictest phase) you can eat:

  • Lots of protein like beef, seafood, eggs, poultry and cheese
  • A few good fats including avocados and extra-virgin olive oil
  • Carbs like broccoli, tomatoes, spinach and eggplant

Difficulty Level: Medium

Unlike other low-carb diets, The SouthBeach Diet was designed to be practical and easy to follow. You don’t need to count calories or track macros which makes it a great diet for those with busy lives.

Can I Break The Rules?

While you should stick to the diet as best as possible, there is room to bend the rules every once and awhile. For example, if you go off-track in phase 2 or 3, you can jump back to phase one until you lose the weight you put on.

Food Shopping & Cooking

The SouthBeach Diet meals are fuss free and easy to cook with all ingredients found in major supermarkets. You also can snack between meals but the snacks are “the kind that can be thrown into a briefcase or backpack in the morning and eaten on the run”, which you will read in the book.

Can I Buy Packaged Meals?

Yes, SouthBeach Diet sells everything from snack bars to smoothies so you can grab something that fits the diet requirements without having to make it yourself.

Do I Need To Attend Meetings?

No. Unlike Weight Watchers or Slimming World, you don’t need to attend any meetings.


Do I Need To Exercise?

Yes and no. The SouthBeach Diet doesn’t rely on exercise for weight-loss, but if you do exercise you will lose more weight.

What happens if I am A Vegan or Gluten Intolerant?

The SouthBeach Diet is both vegetarian and vegan friendly. You will find both vegetarian and vegan recipes if you enroll online.

It isn’t gluten free, but you can swap the low-carb options for gluten free alternatives ie. gluten free brown rice pasta instead of whole grain pasta.

How Much Does It Cost? What Support Do I Get?

Eating healthy nutritious foods can be costly, but The SouthBeach Diet website offers advice on how to buy food in bulk and where to shop for fresher and cheaper vegetables.

As for support, you have access to The South Beach Online tools that allow you to track your weight, online recipes, customized meal plans, dining-out guides and community support. This membership is $4 per week, but your first 7 days are free.

Finally, if you’re still on the fence – Kathleen Zelman a well known nutritionist and dietician weighs in with answers to a few key questions.

Does It Work?

Yes, The SouthBeach Diet is a health low-carbohydrate Mediterranean eating plan that helps you lose weight and keep it off.

Can The South Beach Diet Help Medical Conditions?

It’s a well known fact that losing weight can improve many health conditions and The SouthBeach Diet helps people with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. You should check with your doctor before starting a new diet.

The Final Verdict

The SouthBeach Diet is a healthy and nutritious diet that’s practical and works. The Supercharged version also includes a practical exercise plan.

It is simple and uses proven ways to lose weight like eating the right carbs and fats, lean protein, low fat dairy and lots of good fiber to fight hunger pangs.

In a nutshell, it is an ideal diet for anyone who wants to stop dieting and start changing their behavior for long-term weight-loss success.




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