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Beyond just food, Jenny Craig has gotten an impressive diet package. With the plan, some things you will get include: a consultant to offer support in person or on the phone, you’ll get prepackaged low-calorie food, an exercise plan, and online tools to help you plan and track meals.

There are no forbidden foods, such as menus loaded with exotic foods or “detox” portions that claim to melt fat.

There are 70 different and special prepackaged foods from Jenny Craig that you will eat often every week.

Depending on your height and weight, you will consume about 1,200 calories each day.

As it was stated in one study, people on the Jenny Craig diet lose an average of 10% of their body weight within the first year of being on it.


Apart from Jenny Craig special prepackaged meals, you can have reduced-fat dairy products, and also have vegetables and fresh fruits.

Jenny Craig mainly focuses on choosing low-fat foods that are rich in water, fiber, and protein to fill you up.

Something worth noting is that you can also take and eat as many non-starchy vegetables (think tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers) as you like.

As long as you stick to your diet, you can enjoy your favorite foods, only the healthier versions.


You can start eating a few meals at home when you are halfway to your weight loss goal, but before then, you won’t be needing to cook at home.

After you reach your target weight, you will have to spend around 4 weeks in transitioning to home cooked meals.

It is very important that you eat the food provided by Jenny Craig until you get to your weight loss goal.

Jenny Craig’s prepackaged food and meals make it easy to prepare and plan your meals without the temptations of buying any additional food that you may not need at the grocery store.

Jenny Craig has over 600 nationwide Weight Loss Centers, so you can even meet with a nutritionist or a dietitian in person.

And finally, the Jenny Craig consultants will work with you to help you reach a goal of 30 minutes, or more, of moderate physical exercise and activity at least 5 days a week.


Vegetarians and vegans: No meatless prepackage is available. The plan will not work for those who are vegan, since all of the vegetarian entrees are made with dairy products.

Low-fat diet: All prepackaged meals are low in fat.

Low-salt diet: The sodium amount in Jenny Craig’s meals does not have more than 2,000 milligrams per day.

Gluten-free: If you have celiac disease or you are avoiding gluten for some other reason, you will need to ask a Jenny Craig representative if the company has any options that would work for you because Gluten is not off-limits.


Price: Jenny Craig is not free and you will need to pay a monthly fee for your plan, food delivery, etc.

Your plan includes pre-packaged meals, access to consultants, and other features.

According to the company’s website, the average cost of food each day is between $15 and $26

Support: Jenny Craig centers are available depending on your membership level. Health consultants are available to talk via online chat or a phone. Members-only forums and blogs also are available. Jenny Craig also has chat rooms and online journaling tools to check how active you are, track what you eat, etc.


Does It Work?

Research shows that the Jenny Craig diet works and there are many happy customers. The great news is that from a nutritious standpoint, the diet meets most of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The Jenny Craig diet helps you get the following important nutrients: fiber, calcium, and potassium. The prepackaged foods may become expensive for some people, but overall the diet is easy to follow and is not overly expensive.

Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

Jenny Craig offers a balanced diet that can help in preventing a lot of the problems that a bad diet can cause.

However, if you already have conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, or diabetes, please make sure to consult with your doctor first before deciding to sign up for the Jenny Craig diet, or any other diet.


While we still recommend going with a weight loss plan such as Nutrisystem, feel free to check out the Jenny Craig diet too if you’re interested.

Overall it is a good plan offering a balanced diet that is basically based on current dietary recommendations for adults.

You don’t need to cook and the food is prepackaged, so dieting will not be as hard as if you were to do it yourself.

Support is good too and you can talk with consultants on the phone, or via a online chat.

The one issue that we have with Jenny Craig is that its somewhat expensive, especially when compared to plans like Nutrisystem or the SouthBeach Diet.

The cost of the food is added to the cost of the diet program, so the overall price comes out to about $100 per week.

$100 may be hard for some people to afford, and rightfully so.

Our recommendation: Feel free to try the Jenny Craig diet, but if you want your dollar to go much further, go with the Nutrisystem weight loss plan